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Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering where we ship, how to apply your splint, or even tips on climbing with a finger injury? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions in the categories below.

Still have questions? Email us at

For information on finger injuries, splint types, and reducing the risk of injury.

How to customize your S.P.Ort splint, application tips, and more.

For training tips, questions about climbing with a S.P.Ort applied, and more.

How to purchase, where we ship, and other questions about your order.

Finger Injury FAQ
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Finger Injury FAQs

How do I know if I need a finger splint?

Climber's Finger usually presents as tenderness or pain at the base of the finger during/after training, and may be associated with a popping sound during the initial injury. Though the soreness may abate over time, the pulley is likely healed in a stretched out position and at risk of further injury if not protected adequately while it heals.
Chronic pulley injuries also benefit from wearing the S.P.Ort to reduce strain on the pulley and risk of tearing.

Are there other splints available, aside from the S.P.Ort?

There are a few options on the market, which we talk about in our Finding the Right Splint article.

Does wearing a finger splint like the S.P.Ort prevent injuries?

No, wearing a finger splint does not prevent finger injuries. Our SPOrt can help support the internal biologic structure of the finger as you recover from an acute or chronic injury.

To learn more about common finger injuries, click the button below.

S.P.Ort FAQs

What does S.P.Ort stand for?

S.P.Ort stands for Semilunar Pulley Orthosis - a customizable brace designed to be worn while climbing to help protect injured A2 and A4 finger pulleys.

How do I wear my S.P.Ort?

The placement and taping of your customizable S.P.Ort differs for an A2 or A4 pulley application. For full instructions including photos and videos, head to our S.P.Ort Tutorials page.

Is the S.P.Ort comfortable?

The S.P.Ort is fully customizable and can be shaped and smoothed to fit your finger. Sometimes this requires re-heating and fine-tuning the splint. With practice in applying the SPOrt, it can be worn comfortably for an entire session of climbing without adjustment or re-application. If your finger is hurting while you are climbing, you shouldn’t be climbing!

Is the S.P.Ort just for climbers?

Nope! While finger pulley injuries are more common in climbers, they’re not exclusive to that community. Our satisfied customers include a bowler, mountain bikers and a volleyball  player.
Please note, the information on this site is not a substitute for medical advice. If you’re experiencing a finger injury, we highly recommend speaking with a trained medical professional.


Training FAQs

Can I still train normally while wearing a finger pulley splint?

The S.P.Ort is designed to support the pulley without restricting movement. So long as you are not experiencing pain while climbing (and your doctor has given you the go-ahead), you can continue climbing while wearing the SPOrt.

The S.P.Ort is not designed for use in finger-crack climbing nor to allow an acutely injured climber to continue to climb or train without giving their body sufficient time to heal the pulley and then gradually strengthen it.

My finger hurts when I'm climbing, what should I do?

If your finger is hurting while you are climbing, you shouldn't be climbing!

How can I reduce the risk of finger pulley injuries while training?

The Climbing Doc has put together a guide to minimizing risk of finger injury while using a training board (such as a MoonBoard, Tension Board, or similar).

To read our training guide, click the button below:


Orders and Shipping FAQs

Where can I purchase a S.P.Ort splint kit?

  • Shop our online store

  • Vertical World locations in the Seattle area

  • Union PT

If you are a gym owner looking to offer S.P.Ort kits at your gym, click here.


What's included in a S.P.Ort kit?

When you order a SPOrt kit or pick one up in person, you'll get all the materials and instructions you need to customize your splints. Kit includes enough material for two.

What if I don't customize my S.P.Ort correctly?

The material used to make your splint can be reheated and adjusted as needed. The kit also includes enough material for two splints, just in case.

If you need help with the fitting process, reach out via email and send us a photo. We're happy to assist!

Where do you ship?

We ship our S.P.Ort anywhere the United States Postal Service (USPS) delivers! Check out our Where in the World map to see where we've shipped kits to so far.

How long does it take to arrive?

Kits ship from the Pacific Northwest via USPS First Class Mail. Priority service is available for an additional fee.

Have another question? Drop us a line.

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