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Backed by 20 Years of R&D

See the Science

At RocknSport, we believe understanding the body is the first step to taking care of it. To that end, we’re rolling back the curtain on 20 years of research and product evolution, to help you feel equipped and empowered to take care of your fingers.


The Climbing Doc

Dr. Warme began researching “climber’s finger” and similar pulley injuries over 20 years ago in his orthopedic surgery residency. Himself a climber recovering from a middle finger pulley injury, he studied buddy taping, single finger taping, as well as a series of prototype splints. 

Research & Development

Dr. Warme was one of the research subjects and the principal investigator in a study looking at the effectiveness of the SPOrt for approximately 20 rock climbers with A2 pulley injuries.


A properly applied SPOrt held their pulleys in a 47% more anatomic (normal) position, and reduced the participants discomfort.

Climbers Finger3.jpg

S.P.Ort Research

Our research on the S.P.Ort was presented as an Oral Presentation at the annual American Association for Hand Surgery (AAHS), January 30 - February 2, 2019.

The paper was published by the University of Washington School of Medicine.

To view the manuscript, click here.

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