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Climber's finger 

Pulley Injury Prevention

Climbers have a tendency to injure the A2 pulley in their fingers, most commonly in the ring finger, but the injury can also occur in the middle, index or small fingers. It doesn’t happen in the thumb. 

Climber's Finger usually presents as tenderness or pain at the base of the finger during/after training, and may be associated with a popping sound during the initial injury. Though the soreness may abate over time, the pulley is likely to sustain further injury or heal in a stretched-out position if not protected adequately.

The SPOrt™ (Semilunar Pulley Orthosis) is a splint designed by the Climbing Doc for climbers, to protect injured pulleys and facilitate the healing process. Read how it works.

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ABOUT the climbing doc

Dr. Warme is a University of Washington Professor in the Department of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, Chief of the Shoulder and Elbow Service and board-certified in orthopedic surgery. He seeks to help patients expeditiously return to top form and pursue the activities they enjoy. 


An avid climber since 1973, Dr. Warme understands personally the strains of this sport, from sore feet to torn finger pulleys. He is dedicated to enhancing the athlete experience and has developed a tool to aid climbers who have experienced such a pulley injury: the SPOrt™.

SPOrt News

10% of all SPOrt sales go to help support the Climbing community.

Donation recipients include:
        Washington Anchor Replacement Project
        Vertical World Climbing Team
        Access Fund
        Northwest Avalanche Center
        American Alpine Club



Our research on the SPOrt™ was presented as an Oral Presentation at the annual American Association for Hand Surgery (AAHS), January 30 - February 2, 2019. A preliminary version of the paper was published by the University of Washington School of Medicine.

To view the manuscript, navigate to page 24 of the Discoveries 2018 Publication.

"SPOrt changed my ability to train and climb through injury.  I was immediately able to climb on tenuous terrain where I had previously been limited before even with taping.  It was amazing!"

- Audrey Sniezek

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