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Recover From a Pulley Injury

With our customizable finger splint: the S.P.Ort

Backed by 20 years of medical research.


Pop Goes the Pulley

Feel a pop in your finger, or experience pain while climbing? Our S.P.Ort (Semilunar Pulley Orthosis) may be right for you! It’s a customizable finger splint designed to protect injured pulleys and help facilitate the healing process.

The S.P.Ort works well for:

  • Flexor tendonitis (soreness at the base of the finger on the palm side)

  • Complete A2 or A4 pulley injuries (acute and chronic)

  • Partial A2 or A4 pulley injuries

  • Returning to activity after a pulley reconstruction surgery

Tape Isn't Enough

On its own, tape cannot support your finger’s internal biologic structure.


Through over 20 years of research and personal climbing experience, Dr. Warme developed a customizable brace to support the most important - and most often injured - finger pulleys.

At RocknSport, we believe understanding the body is the first step to taking care of it. To that end, we’re rolling back the curtain on 20 years of research and product evolution, to help you feel equipped and empowered to take care of your fingers.


Community Support

As part of our commitment to helping the climbing community Climb On!, we donate 10% of all S.P.Ort sales to local and national organizations including:

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Washington Anchor Replacement Project

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Access Fund

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Vertical World Climbing Team

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American Alpine Club

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Northwest Avalanche Center

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What Climbers Say

"I've tried a splint I found on Amazon, and it's TERRIBLE. The SPOrt is FAR superior. The SPOrt is tailored to my specific finger, making it more comfortable and I believe more effective."

Ed. M

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